Our Technology

Quantum Land - Decision Support for the Land Executive

Quantum Land is our premier Land Management system borne out of years of complex data analysis and work with existing oil/gas clients that needed a proper decision support system to manage their mineral assets that properly modeled the real world and was able to tackle the difficult problems faced by companies having to deal with complex lease provisions, etc.

Atlas EIS brings the manual process into the digital age. Focused on environmental assessments and impact studies, EIS ties critical data to a map in real time and provides reporting tools enabling near instant generation of profitable reports. Environmental studies are consumed in real estate, governmental projects, public sector improvements, and elsewhere. These studies can cost between $250k and $2M to complete. We see significant opportunity in the market to increase productivity and output of these assessments. The product is currently a functional beta filled with real data from public and private sources.

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SmartTicket, currently in use by Noble Energy, is designed for customers that need a pipeline/trucking ticketing system to replace existing paper ticketing setup. Our system accurately tracks how much crude is transferred and automatically calculates Net barrels or oil for custody transfer based on parameters entered into our mobile app and then reliably transmits this data to our servers where it’s instantly available to our clients.