Our Story


Founded in 2011, SKALE has over 35 years of combined experience in enterprise computing systems design, information technology security, and full-stack software development. We have dedicated our time and talents to designing and supporting next-generation solutions that make our customers more profitable through reducing their operating expenses by reducing the number of man hours required to perform certain tasks, and giving them real-time insight into their business processes that they would not otherwise have. We’ve focused our software efforts on location-based, map-centric applications spanning several industries including Oil and Gas, Real Estate, and Environmental Impact Study Research. We run our business on tried and true, old-fashioned principles and know that at the end of the day, the most valuable asset a company can hold is the trust and confidence of its customers.

SmartTicket – Electronic Ticketing Platform

After spending many years as jacks of all trades in Information Technology, performing duties that ranged from programming, to enterprise computing design, security, and support, we decided to aim our technical expertise and experience at the Oil and Gas industry as we saw great need for modernization and more efficient solutions to several glaring problems. We made our entrance into the market by performing several IT overhaul projects where we updated each company’s IT infrastructure by modernizing desktop hardware and software, server hardware, and network and data security by utilizing state-of-the-art enterprise practices. From there, we began to deploy the first software package we wrote, SmartTicket, our electronic ticketing platform that allows a company to track how much oil is being moved either by truck or pipeline (known as custody transfer in the industry). Oil run tickets are entered into a proprietary Android application and then instantly transferred to our servers, where back-office personnel can view and report on production as it’s being gauged. We saw a need in the industry for this product since many transport companies were utilizing hand-written tickets. Not only is there a risk of losing these physical tickets or the data getting smudged…but you also have to rely on multiple levels up human data entry, which is prone to error. Our system solves these problems and provides many additional features and benefits that will be outlined elsewhere in this document. We feel as though this product has great potential and we have seen experienced some incredible events surrounding the genesis of this product. After working with our first large customer for several years, in 2016, Vitol, the world’s largest trader of crude oil, chose SKALE to develop its midstream crude oil measurement software, shortly before being bought out by Sunoco Logistics, a multibillion dollar, publicly traded company. This was a huge turning point in our company’s history and solidified our place in Oil/Gas.

MinuteMan TCS- Monitoring and Controlling the Oil Patch

While working with one of our customers, we began to see holes in the security and functionality of their existing SCADA (Supervisory, Control, and Data Acquisition) software, which is used to remotely monitor and control infrastructure for tank batteries, salt water disposal facilities, etc. We set out to develop a software and hardware based solution in this space that would address the shortcomings of existing solutions the industry was using. Existing solutions were utilizing ideas and technology that were at least 20 years old. We wanted to apply modern programming techniques and technology to create a system that was flexible, easy to deploy, and very potent. Existing SCADA hardware is power hungry and leaves the company blind if power is ever lost to any particular site, which happens quite frequently. When power is cut, existing solutions only remain powered for mere hours forcing the company to send personnel out, sometimes at night, for long periods of time to manually monitor and control critical infrastructure. To solve this, we set out to engineer our own solar-powered hardware solution that is extremely power efficient and can run for days without power or even sunlight. We call this flexible and highly mobile unit, the MinuteMan Telemetry Control System. The goal for MinuteMan is to work in conjunction with our SCADA website to allow monitoring and control of any site with sensors and, with a small bit of development, function as a monitoring node for existing 3rd party SCADA software packages. The initial version of MinuteMan has been tested and is currently running in the field, but we have much more planned for this hardware and see it as a market disruptor in the near future.

Quantum Land – Advanced Land Management System

With the SKALE SCADA foundation built and more functionality being integrated weekly, we were faced with our next big challenge…Oil/Gas Land Management and managing its related data. Our primary client, a publicly traded company based in Midland, had almost 350,000 acres leased across East and West Texas. A leasehold this large translated into a mountain of data that needed to be organized, analyzed, and reported on. We were chosen to do the job. Using our programming and data analysis expertise, we were able to provide clean, organized data that eventually resulted in the sale of most of the acreage for over $3.3 Billion dollars. This set the stage for our next big software product…Quantum Land. Quantum is a software suite that is aimed at providing map-centric organization and reporting of Land data as well as workflows to facilitate the acquisition of minerals by oil companies from land owners. Born out of years of complex data analysis and work with existing oil and gas clients, Quantum Land solved the problem every E&P company needed to solve, the need for software that provided answers for the Land Executive for critical go/no-go decisions as a primary focus instead of merely providing tools for landmen. Existing land systems focus on solving the landman’s issues which helps the landman…but we have chosen to focus on the executives…the folks making multi-million-dollar decisions on a daily basis. Quantum Land provides comprehensive map-based reporting for the most critical components of land work that allow for a VP of land to make the best possible decision for his company, all in real time. Focusing on the landman has the potential of making the landmen more efficient, but without a specific focus on the VP and other executives to make the best go/no-go decision, a company is at best saving money on landmen…instead of allowing the best revenue generating decisions to be made. Other land systems, major competitors included, are overly complicated and disjointed, having multiple modules that do not work well together toward the common goal of Land Management. We set out to fix this problem by creating a system that is intuitive, easy to use, and extremely fast. Existing software packages are slow and when time is money, you want something that delivers key information rapidly. Quantum Land does just that. With the ability to overlay various external data sources along with your data on the map, including production and other data from the Texas Railroad Commission, for example, we provide a visual one stop shop for any Land Department. The software gracefully and effectively manages the entire life cycle of Land Management. With Quantum Land, you have it all. We believe that we have something special with this product and are seeking to compete and outperform current juggernauts in the industry.

Atlas EIS – Streamlining Impact Studies Online

Continuing to focus on map-centric, extremely fast reporting tools, based on direction within our circle of influence, we turned our gaze towards the Environmental sector…specifically, Environmental Impact Studies. The concept was more or less the same as the Land Management software, to create an industry specific, rapid reporting web interface that could save days of time and many millions of dollars in the process. Through high-tech solutions that we’ve engineered, we’ve been able to harness giant national, state, and local datasets and make them available and reportable all within a browser window. This is a huge step forward for browser based mapping and reporting, removing the need for expensive server based mapping software solutions that become cost prohibitive very quickly. We intend to be the market leader in this area. To date, we’ve developed a Beta version of this product and have been in talks with one of the largest producers of Environmental Impact Studies in the nation for a potential partnership. At $250,000 to $2,000,000 per study, we have the potential to save an enormous sum of money while making existing personnel more efficient at their jobs. It’s a win-win situation. The EIS software is one of a few products in the Atlas Vision Suite. Also included in the Atlas Vision Suite is our Real Estate module which provides real estate agents, agencies, and investors a tool to identify prime opportunities by researching and reporting properties in a map-centric manner. Using our state of the art mapping technology this software allows the user to filter and report known CAD and other available data in the system to identify properties of interest. Custom algorithms will allow for automatic discovery of distressed properties based on factors such as appraised values, etc. We have high hopes for this module and are very excited to see that the industry is responding to technology in a highly positive manner. In the last year we have witnessed real estate tech companies drawing the interest of investors. We are proud to bring our expertise to this area and partner with industry experts to bring unparalleled mapping technology to the forefront.

As a company, our journey has brought us through many experiences that have broadened our horizons and provided invaluable wisdom and knowledge that only such experiences can bring. We are excited to take and use what we’ve gleaned over the last 7 years and apply it to numerous industries moving forward. We are excited to provide the opportunity for you to take this ride with us.